How to change steam username

how to change Steam username
how to change Steam username

The guide will include the important information on how to change Steam username in simple instructions and recommendations.

General overview about steam username

Every username contains a story of achievements with experienced gaming options. You will get acquainted with other gamers giving a first impression by viewing your username. When talking about the game play, username is considered to be the best way to express yourself and your abilities. In this case, you’re dealing with plenty of websites you might choose by the name that is similar to most of them. With time passing by you will obviously want to change something.

Short facts

You might want to know some essentials of steam processes with usernames before coming up with the decision.

  • Changing steam username is leading directly to changing the name that your friends could view at your account.
  • People are looking for your steam name to find you.
  • Your friends might see your steam name in their List.
  • Steam name is shown in the application and the gaming option as well.
  • Changing your name will be displayed in the mentioned positions.
  • If you deal with a new name, you will get rid of the history of achievements and losses.
  • You could easily choose a more motivating and encouraging name for your friends to identify you in their list.

Step-by-step instructions

Follow the easy instructions and recommendations to achieve the best results:

  1. Go to the Steam application and open the digital tool on your PC.
  2. Jump to the next point selecting the Profile from the panel.
  3. Click directly on the Edit Profile on the menu.
  4. Think over the preferable name for your profile and select Save Changes.
  5. You can also select to clean your previous profiles.

Take into consideration that these changes don’t spread on the account names. The last items are required to log in Steam.

Why to apply changes

After the main instructions and recommendations, you are ready to enjoy communicating and playing with a new name being more confident and successful. It’s time to add new friends, type them, and view which games they would recommend. You can easily enter their codes to search for them via the links and jump to their profiles. Steam is providing you with the option of Friends List which you can fill with gamers. You can find the option to unfriend them which is presented on the digital platform as well. If you’re into a certain game, you can add the player to a friend list inviting him/her to become your friend. It is considered to be handy to play with potential friends rather than choosing the random players. With the Steam application it is easy to add friends and play with them the same gaming option. In that case, you take advantage of attractive gameplay with nice mates. Don’t waste your time, change your name, and boost Steam with your sparkling identity!

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