How Board Software Can Enhance Enterprise Security?

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It is necessary to protect enterprise security not only from cyberattacks but also from threats from the real world. Let’s talk about how to do it effectively with the board software.

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Board Software

The level of economic security of an enterprise depends on a significant number of threats and risks of the internal and external environment, which pose the greatest threat to the strategic development of an economic entity in a changing market environment. An effective system of economic security of an enterprise is the integration of two components – ensuring the effectiveness of a set of measures to achieve it and the ability to respond in a timely manner to identified threats from the external and internal environment. Therefore, the most important role is assigned to monitoring the system of economic security of the enterprise, which makes it possible to quickly carry out a quantitative and qualitative assessment of risks, ensuring the functional sustainability of development.

Board software is based on three main principles:

  1. Confidentiality.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Availability.

Confidentiality refers to ensuring that information is only accessible to authorized users. For example, to enter the system, you must enter your username and password. Integrity means ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information and methods of processing it. Simply put, data integrity control should be ensured against unauthorized changes. And “accessibility” is about making information and related assets available to authorized users as needed. For example, corporate services must be constantly available to users.

These three board software principles are not always equivalent. So, in the state power structures, confidentiality is the main thing, that is, information will sooner be destroyed than become known to the enemy. In private environments, sometimes availability and integrity can be even more important than confidentiality. For example, an online store will incur greater losses in the event of a forced downtime than if a part of user credentials becomes known to attackers.

Enchase Enterprise Security with the Board Software

Mainstream views on board portal meeting represent the economy as an economy of private enterprise (or a free market economy, or capitalism). It is currently the predominant method of organizing the economy for the production of goods and services. In the current economic system, production is carried out by enterprises owned by individuals, and decisions are made based on the benefits of the owners of this enterprise. The distribution of resources in the economy is decentralized since they are located between a large number of markets for goods and services.

Board software can enchase enterprise security because:

  • preliminary consideration of candidates to the executive bodies with the right to suspend the powers of the general director elected by the general meeting of shareholders.
  • approval of the terms of contracts with members of the executive bodies of the company, including the terms of remuneration and other payments.

Board software philosophy also encourages self-organizing teams. Although the board is not a traditional team, the directors have to work together. This principle places responsibility for organizing teamwork on each member, not just the group leader. Each director participates in creating an effective meeting process by exchanging ideas, listening to others, and following the rules. Some boards of directors are already implementing these good practices, but most still rely on the chairman of the board for these matters.

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